Business Network Cabling

Business Network Cabling

Networking - Structured cabling control - Replacement of outdated equipment with modern high-end equipment (Mikrotik - TP LINK - Ubiquiti).

In order to maximize the exploitation and the sustainable use of network resources, a modern, reliable and secure network infrastructure is now required.

- We undertake a study of space for the installation of structured cabling and wireless networking in your area. An initial design is made to maximize coverage. The scope of the signal is distributed in your space so as to avoid interference and duplication of the signal.

- We take control of existing structured wiring and your existing network equipment and offer new repair solutions in case of poor network quality and wireless signal. New MIMO technology is used in wireless networks, with dual Band (2.4 kai 5 Ghz) with the latest protocols.

- We undertake to replace your outdated equipment (Router, Switch, Access Point) with new high-end state-of-the-art equipment. We use Mikrotik - TP LINK - Ubiquiti products, programmed to suit your needs.

- We offer special settings to make the right allocation, resources and speed, depending on your network load. Furthermore, additional support is provided to protect your network against unwanted intruders and attacks. (Quality of Service, Firewall, Traffic Balance, Torrent Rules, Social Network Priorities, https Requests ...).

- Empirically and after on-site measurements, we can say that in most cases the signal provided by the local Provider is capable of serving the needs of our site. The problem mainly focuses on local area network settings, often on wrong wiring and outdated equipment used.

- By installing and properly setting up brand-new, state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee your network's flawless and stable operation.

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